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Correspondence Courses

1) Introduction to EsotericismKey Topics:
What is Esotericism?; Classical and Modern Hermeticism; How to Meditate; Uses and Abuses of Symbols; The Magic of Tiphareth; Inner Master/Holy Guardian Angel; The Various Paths and How to Chose; Preparing Your Oratory.

2) Qabala – Year OneKey Topics:
The Tree of Life; The Flashing Sword and Rising Serpent; Meditation on the Spheres; The Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram and its variations; Elemental Magic; The Middle Pillar (Elemental).

3) Qabala – Year TwoKey Topics:
Pathworking;  Planetary Magic;  The Greater and Supreme Rituals of the Pentagram; Variations of the Lesser Ritual of the Hexagram;  The Greater and Supreme Rituals of the Hexagram;  Septagram and Unicursal Hexagram Rituals; The Magical Personality and the Body of Light; Rising on the Planes; The Middle Pillar (Planetary).

4) Qabala – Year ThreeKey Topics:
Assumption of the Godform; Spiritual Alchemy – The Alchemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz;  “Knowledge and Conversation” with one’s “Holy Guardian Angel”; Preparation of the Magical Weapons; Installation of a Temple Deity; The Inner Temple; The Invisible College of the R+C; The Middle Pillar (several advanced variations); Hexagram: Mercury and Solar variations.

5) Qabala – Year FourZodiacal Magic – Key Topics:
Zodiacal Magic and: The Personality; Physical Health; The Elements; The Tetragrammaton; our “Inner Word”; Spiritual and Practical Alchemy; our Higher Self; and an Introduction to Theurgy.

6) Introduction to Spagyrics and AlchemyKey Topics:
What is Alchemy and Spagyrics?: Sulphur, Salt, and Mercury and how to prepare alchemical tinctures; Alchemical meditations; Ens of Paracelsus; Saint-Germaine’s Longevity Formula; Notes from some Ancient and Modern Alchemists.

7) Renaissance Magic: Natural and Angelic MagicKey Topics:
The Magus: Where God and Man Meet; Natural Magic; Angelic Magic; Demonic Magic;  The Death of the Imagination and Coming of Reason.

8) Spanish Qabala: Luria and AbulaphiaKey Topics:
The Tree and the Name: The Power of the Hebrew Alphabet;

The major influences of Lurianic Qabala; Abulaphia’s meditations on the Tetragrammaton; Gematira, Notarkion, and the Creation of Divine Names; An overview of the Sepher Yetzirah, Zohar, and Bahir.

9) Egyptian Magic: Becoming a GodKey Topics:
The Egyptian World View; The Gods-Cosmic Law Personified; Egyptian Pantheons and How to Use Them; Hieroglyphs and the Tree of Life; How to Develop Heku, or Magical Power;  Cagliostro’s Egyptian Freemasonry;  The Egyptian Revival.

10) 16th and 17th Century RosicrucianismKey Topics:
The Rosicrucian Manifesto’s: The Fama, Confessio, and Alchemical Wedding; Secret Symbols of the Rosicrucians;  Rosicrucian Utopianism; Modern and Contemporary Rosicrucian Movements;  Temple of the Holy Spirit and the Invisible Order.

11) Enochian Magic – Key Topics:
John Dee and Edward Kelly tools or fools?;  Dee’s World: Angels, Demons, and God;  The Heptarchia; Dee’s Enochian; the Enochian Magic of the Golden Dawn; Crowley and Enochian Magic; Enochian Resources.

12) Theurgy: The Abra-Melin Operation, and Magic of Shemhaphoresh (Operation of the 72)Key Topics:
What is Theurgy?;  The Importance and Dangers in Theurgic Operations; The Sacred Magic of Abra-melin and how to prepare for it; The Operation of the 72 - The Seals and Names of the Shemhaphoresh and how to use them.

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