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Interviews Conducted by and with Mark Stavish

Interview with Producer/Director, Guy Ritchie
Mark Stavish, Director of Studies for the Institute for Hermetic Studies with Producer/Director Guy Ritchie after taping an interview in London for Ritchie's upcoming feature length film on esoteric wisdom and teachings.

Llewellyn – New World – Interview with Mark Stavish Mark answers question for students of alchemy, Qabala, elemental witchcraft and herbalism as found within the pages of his new book, The Path of Alchemy.

    "Thank you so much for the post. I needed a "Get back in line soldier" wake up, not another pile of things to read and files that must have an easier way. This was it. Back to the trenches and off the couch I go. I look forward to the new book."

    Sr. Angelynn Peth
    Orient of Jerusalem,
    Community for Christian Mysticism in Northern Ohio

Interview with Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki, author of nearly a dozen books, and Director of Studies of Servant of the Light, one of the leading schools for esoteric studies.

Interview with Jean Dubuis, founder of the French alchemical society, The Philosophers of Nature, and author of its course material.  Dubuis is Europe’s leading exponent in the field of operative alchemy.

Finding the Gold Within: A Modern-Day Alchemist - BeliefNet, October, 2004
“Alchemy without meditation and prayer is simply a home chemistry experiment”, says Mark Stavish.

Business Profile - Meet Mark Stavish - Business Weekly, July 2003

All That Glitters Isn’t Gold Alchemists Say by Mark E. Jones, The Times Leader, Wilkes-Barre, Pa.  Promotion for upcoming seminar on plant alchemy sponsored by the Philosopher’s of Nature (PON), Wheaton, Ill.  2 August 1996.

Other Lives Explored in an Afternoon Workshop by John Hambrose, The Scranton Times, Scranton, Pa.  An interview and background material regarding reincarnation, metaphysical beliefs, and the history of esotericism in Pennsylvania.  7 May 1995.

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