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Astrological Services
"It is rarely, that I am so pleasantly suprized with a product and service.  The Astrological services that you provided were accurate, and took a complicated subject and guided a neophyte, like myself, to a level of understanding and appreciation for this modern version of this ancient but profound science."
G. Goodman BSN, Nurse

Between the Gates
Lucid Dreaming, Astral Projection, and the Body of Light in Western Esotericism

Far More Than Just Astral Projection
Between the Gates is the kind of book I wish I'd had in my hands over a decade ago, at the start of my spiritual journey. This is an outstanding mixture of Hermetic theory, discussion and, most importantly, staged exercises that can serve as a strong foundation for those interested in spiritual exercises and "occult" practices. This book covers an amazing amount of material while still being quite accessible. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to build a solid foundation for their work in Out of Body Experiences and the many other paths that lead from it.
Michael Flagg, Columbia, MO

One of the most impressive books to come out lately. The body of light is frequently mentioned in many texts and few if any ever expand upon it. What is it? What makes it different from the astral body? How do you create it? How do you use it? This book actually details all this and more.
Josh Reid

Excellent Guide to the Hermetic Path
On an initial read-through, I found this book fascinating. I am not that familiar with the Hermetic literature, but I have not seen anything quite like Stavish's approach to it anywhere else. He links astral travel, lucid dreaming, and other psychic phenomena to the Qabala and path working in a unique way.
D..., Los Angeles, CA

Freemasonry: Rituals, Symbols & History of the Secret Society
What has been lacking for the modern Mason, and what Brother Stavish now mercifully presents us, is a straightforward, and step-by-step, study of Freemasonry and the myriad movements and ideas that gave birth to Craft in all its manifestations. Moreover, he sets it all vis vis 21st century science, philosophy and mysticism, and challenges the reader to do the same. This book is a one-volume liberal arts education in Freemasonry, and never before in the history of the Craft has it been more important for individual Masons to be so educated. I wish I could put Brother Stavish's book in the hands of every newly-raised Brother, not simply for his own benefit, but for the benefit of those individuals throughout his life who will look to him as worthy example of a knowledgeable and enlightened member of the Fraternity.
From the Foreword, by Lon Milo DuQuette, 32

This is an interesting book about Freemasonry written by a Freemason. Once I got started I didn't want to put it down. It explores the intellectual and spiritual climate of the late Middle Ages and Renaissance periods in Western Europe when Freemasonry was putting down roots, plus many other aspects of both mystic and operative Masonry. Stavish shows how the common thread linking them all together is Geometry. The book is illustrated very sparingly, so if you're looking for one that has lots of Masonic symbols I wouldn't recommend it.
Paul David

“This is one of the best studies of the esoteric influence on Freemasonry that I have come across. I had the pleasure of consulting on the writing of this book, and found myself adopting new modes of thinking to my Masonic cosmology. I strongly recommend this book to every Freemason, especially Pennsylvania Masons, that they may fully appreciate the depth of our Craft.”
Pennsylvania Freemason, Volume LV, Number 1

Hermeticism, Democracy and Responsibility
"Well said! I especially liked ".. We may be "Children of the Starry Heavens" as the Chaldean Oracles say, but our feet land on Main Street."....Actions matter. Behavior matters. All character is expressed through behavior. By their fruits ye shall know them."
MH, San Diego, Ca.

Hermeticism, Democracy and Responsibility
“Mr. Stavish, I do believe a leader within the Western Esoteric Traditions has just stepped forth once and for all and for real — You. That was one incredible essay/editorial. Eloquent and to the point with the clarity and wit I have come to expect from your work. Thanks for sharing it with the list. The gauntlet has been thrown, and far better than I ever managed to do it before, that's for sure! I'm printing your editorial out and will be using it to challenge myself regularly as I work on moving forwards along my own path.”
LVX, Jim

Kabbalah for Health and Wellness
This is an ideal book for new and experienced students of Kabbalah, as well as energy healers, and students of Reiki, and Therapeutic Touch.
Pat Zalewski, author of Golden Dawn Enochian Magick and The Kabbalah of the Golden Dawn

"Too often, our own health takes a back seat to the need to care for others, ultimately draining our energy and making personal wellness a distant goal.

For healing practitioners and those seeking physical, emotional, and mental wellness, Kabbalah can be a powerful framework for employing energetic healing methods.

In this new approach to healing and wellness training, Mark Stavish clarifies in detail the various schools of Kabbalah and how they can be applied in practical methods for healing and overall health using guided imagery, easy-to-use exercises that build on one another, powerful meditations, prayers, and rituals.
With a Kabbalistic approach to wellness, you'll find your search for heightened a state of consciousness happily balanced with the practical health and wholeness concerns of daily life. The practice of Kabbalah will enhance your entire life and can be used as an overall guiding force for body, mind, and spirit connection."
From the back cover of Kabbalah for Health and Wellness.

Kahmael’s Spear Report
“Recently I have read your "Khamael's Spear" report and have found it very inspiring. Being a young Hermetic student who is also an infantryman in the 82nd Airborne the document really hit home. I have been to Afghanistan and Iraq in the war on terror and have wracked my brain in trying to devise a good way to fight the war in the spiritual as well as in the physical. Now with your report and outline I feel I can partake in the spiritual war that I have longed to do for years. Now that I have your report to work on, I can fight evil on another plane effectively.
My Sword is yours.”
Frater N<><>

Path fo Alchemy
"The arcane (and often inscrutable) arts of spagyrics, or plant alchemy, have been distilled into a cohesive and comprehensible framework in this new publication by Stavish (founder, Inst. for Hermetic Studies). The book ostensibly functions as a lab manual-each chapter addresses a fundamental topic of alchemical practice, indicating required materials and detailed step-by-step instruction. Theory is closely paired with technique, so that the basis for conducting experiments and the results aspiring alchemists may hope to achieve are both presented. Chapters are concluded in this workbook-format title with summarized objectives and helpful accompanying visualization and meditation exercises for the specific topic in question. The text is easy to understand, especially for the novice possessing little familiarity with alchemical terms and background. Whether or not the reader intends to become a devotee of the craft, this book contains concepts and ideas relevant to any metaphysical path. A concise and practical primer of alchemy that often gives the practice useful context within the continuum of other esoteric disciplines, it is appropriate for academic libraries with metaphysical and esoteric collections."
Library Journal, Nov. 15, 2006

"The Path of Alchemy lays down a golden thread for the student to follow as a guide into the secretive world of the most arcane art in the Western Inner Tradition, transporting the reader into the actual workings of laboratory alchemy. From the basics of making simple, yet powerful, spiritual and physical medicines from plants, to detailing some of the most closely guarded secrets of mineral alchemy, The Path of Alchemy holds aloft the Lantern of Nature to help illuminate the Novice's path. For those who do the work this book will ignite the spiritual flame within."

"Mark Stavish has been a prolific writer on alchemy over the years and this book represents his finest work yet. It is a must for any study of alchemy in understanding the subtle side of its process. He writes with a knowledge and insight that comes from years of experience and yet is presented in an easy to read format. Mark's work is quite unique and is a valuable addition to the various alchemical paradigms that are starting to expand through the literary fields."
John H. Reid III, author of, Alchemical Gnosis, and A Course in Practical Alchemy

"Reading The Path of Alchemy has changed my life. Something in me felt a need to discover this ancient art and I picked up your book in a bookstore in Galway. It has started me out on a path that is at once both simple and wondrous.  Through your work I have discovered Frater Albertus, Paracelsus, Asclepius, Jacob Boehme, Paracelsus, Basil Valentine, and more. Thank you so much for writing that book!"
S.L., Galway, Ireland

War in the Age of Aquarius
"This was entirely the best work I have read in a long time!"
MSRS, Orlando, Florida

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