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Scholarly Professionals

The Institute for Hermetic Studies places scholarly and academic conference announcements in its electronic newsletter, VOXHERMES. If you would like to have a book reviewed, or a conference announced in VOXHERMES contact us at:
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Academic Journal Articles
Academic Journals can be found in our Links section.  Articles appearing on this site that address the historical aspects of Hermeticism are used by schools and universities as part of their electronic resources for their students.  If you would like to use any of the information on this site as part of your school’s permanent electronic archive please contact us.

Book Reviews
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Book Review Policy
We welcome the opportunity to review works submitted by authors or publishers. If you are unsure if your title would be appropriate for our site, e-mail us in advance with the authors name, book title, and a brief description.  All reviews will be placed in permanent archive on our site.  If we feel that the book is not appropriate for review, or that we cannot support the authors position or quality of research, we will state so privately in an e-mail.  No materials can be returned.

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